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Hayward Pest Tech Academy

Calling all career-seeking, future pest technicians!

What is Hayward Pest Tech Academy?

A non-profit organization looking to help aspiring individuals become the most efficient with and best at today's pest control methods. The academy will help both inexperienced people to learn a new trade and experienced technicians to learn current methodology and proper pest control management. Hayward Pest Tech Academy will endow technicians at every level with the ethics and skills to succeed in this prosperous line of work. 

Pest Control is a great job with great benefits that can open a lot of doors to succession, the only thing you need to bring is a mindset ready to learn!

Here’s a few reasons to enroll in Hayward Pest Tech Academy:

Even though salary is very important it doesn’t always guarantee happiness. Remember that your base salary is just one part of your compensation package in many other jobs and trades. Any good job should offer you insurance, retirement contribution, paid time off, bonuses, and more but not all of them do. The annual yearly salary for a pest control technician is about $35,000. I know some people are thinking, $35,000 is not substantial but that’s just the annual base pay. You have the potential of making that in a month if you went into business for yourself! Pest Tech Academy wants to show you how.

Technicians typically work 35 to 42 hours a week, between 8.00am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.Occasionally, they may be required to work weekends or do overtime. If you want to be a pest control technician those would typically be your work hours but remember we want you to be your own boss and set your own hours (which are similar). 

Trying to get a handle on your new position can be a hassle as it is but the office vibe can be a determining factor as well. Knowing the company’s office culture is important because you don’t want to work in an environment that makes you uncomfortable or uneasy. Nothing affects office culture more than your co-workers. Are the employees at your new job happy? Do they enjoy working for the company? These are questions of the past when you are your own boss! It's your office and your team!

How passionate are your co-workers in the work they’re doing? Having a unified vision and values can really sway the office atmosphere. I mean who really wants to go to a job where you are the only person on the team doing quality work? 

No one wants to have to keep looking for a new job every couple of years, you should be in a field that offers advancement opportunities. You are looking to invest your time and talents in a company long-term. The traditional growth trajectory includes promotions and having a senior role within your department. Our Hayward Pest Tech Academy wants to show you that in this line of work you have the potential for growth everyday. As your skills and interests evolve, your career and business goals will as well and you want to pursue more profitable larger jobs. In this field there's always another job.

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